A fun quiz for tech artists

test for technical artists

A brief quiz for technical and not so technical artists. A fun way to learn new things or refresh memory. The test covers some math functions, colors, rendering and python scripting. See how much you can score!

1. 2+2*2
2. What is BRDF?
3. Motion picture frame rate:
4. What is the approximation of Pi:
5. How would you describe this Maya graph?
6. Which image uses shadow mapping?

shadow question

What color is this? 🙂
color question

8. What are the colors of A and B squares? *this one is tricky!

checker question
9. H2O simulation is:
10. What is this?

comp questions
11. formula question
12. What does this python script create?

python script question

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12 thoughts on “A fun quiz for tech artists

    1. Basic math and trigonometry are used a lot in 3d. I think studying math would be much more fun if we learned it doing 3d 🙂

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